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stop dithering – go mobile

If, like a lot of reference pros, you’re thinking about how to optimise your reference content for use on a mobile device, but you don’t know where to start, why not get in touch? We’ve been working with some of our clients on some exciting new digital content offerings and

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visual advocacy: five creative video tips

Video isn’t a trend, it’s become a key way we choose to consume information. But not all video is good video. Here are five ways to make the most of your video budget. Over six billion hours of video is watched online each month. In 2013, YouTube accounted for a

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team stuff – prams & promos

Team Shenanigans Keeping up the trends of the past few years, we’re doing our very best to shape the inEvidencer’s of the future with even more babies adding to the mix. Verity Shuttleworth headed off on maternity leave in April and welcomed the very beautiful Hattie Matilda Kitty Shuttleworth on the 8th May.

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The demand for visual content, and infographics in particular just keeps growing. It’s easy to ‘see’ why; the brain processes images very quickly and the discipline of deciding what to convey in an image really make you think about what’s ‘killer content’ and what’s just filler. In response, our graphics

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seven amazing tips to create that killer presentation

‘Death by PowerPoint’ – we have all been there and as this SlideRocket article rightly states, ‘guns don’t kill, bullets do’. Looking at how some of the greatest presenters have managed to captivate their audiences, it’s a worthwhile read, especially as 55% of people in a recent survey admitted they’ve

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10 alternative content formats that could be applied to your CRP

Peter Barton, editor-in-chief at inEvidence, selects 10 format ideas, including fresh interview styles and methods of repurposing old content, to reinvigorate your customer stories. INTERVIEWS The Guardian’s This Much I Know format: high-profile customers are interviewed and their best quotes are stripped out. Anyone can work, it is not time

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the rise of the infographic case study

Infographics (or information graphics) are not new. But they are increasingly popular. A visual representation of complex information, infographics range from geographical maps and simple images to statistical graphs. The written case study has a long standing – well-deserved – reputation of providing reliable and detailed information. However, in a fast-paced age, where we’re accessing

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David McCandless: the beauty of data visualisation

As marketers we have to deal with and communicate more and more data-based information. David McCandless makes infographics — simple, elegant ways to see information that might be too complex, too big, too small or too abstract to otherwise be grasped. See David’s TED video presentation >>here