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Launching our Triple G research: The DNA of a Good Technology Company

Part of the Good Relations way is to measure what some might say is immeasurable. Last year, we partnered with our sister market research agency, Chime Insight and Engagement, to measure the “power of good” in the consumer world, revealing what consumers are looking for from their hero brands. We

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new research! – join us in London – 15th July

Be the first to hear how the C-suite really feel about recommendation at our to our Triple G breakfast event in London on the 15th July.

spooked by marketing automation?

Don’t be; reference pros are not about to become the ghosts in the CRP machine   With the need for customer references growing at an unprecedented rate, and the growth in marketing automation where does this leave Customer Reference Professionals? The need for customer references (and reference customers) is growing

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global customer reference survey – bigger need, smaller world

Demand for references is up, social is the ‘Next Big Thing’ and you shouldn’t pay customers to say nice things about your business. The headlines from this year’s Global Customer Reference Survey could have rolled over from 2010. Scratch below the headlines, though, and the comments revealed a far more

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measuring case study ROI?

As an experienced customer reference professional you notice certain topics that come up very frequently indeed. They include “write it into the contract so customers have to be references” and “how can I measure the ROI on case studies”. What follows is an expanded response to a recent post on CRKSN on the latter

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the inEvidence 2010 survey of customer reference professionals

LONG surveys are easy to create but generally suck for respondees and the data can be poor too. The 2010 global survey of customer reference professionals goes live on 4th October and we want to ask the TOP 20 QUESTIONS REFERENCE PROS WANT ANSWERED. Of course they have to be questions you would answer yourself. We need 20 questions for

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2010 global survey goes live next week, what’s your burning question?

If you are anything like us you hate long surveys, which is why we use a limit of 21 questions for our annual global reference pros review. We also find the answers to questions 22 and above are largely meaningless (classic quality/quantity trade-off). The 2010 global customer reference pro survey goes live next

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