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stop dithering – go mobile

If, like a lot of reference pros, you’re thinking about how to optimise your reference content for use on a mobile device, but you don’t know where to start, why not get in touch? We’ve been working with some of our clients on some exciting new digital content offerings and

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the human touch

Automation is great, it really is. It can reduce cycle times and increase productivity. It can save money by replacing manual processes and can, in some instances, increase the consistency of output. But what’s good for a manufacturing plant or a customer service helpline may not suit all. That’s certainly

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what makes salespeople tick? 

  The life of a sales person Sales people spend most of their time on the road seeing their customers. Some teams are given targets for how many customer meetings they need to have a week and what percentage of their time they need to spend client-facing. It’s increasingly common for

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getting the most from internal references

Internal case studies are an unavoidable side effect of the modern reference programme; even the most efficient programme can’t avoid the customer’s comms department’s last minute change of heart. This article offers some advice on how to get some value from an internal case study rather than just shelving months

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