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make stories, enable conversation, build tribes

We’ve got a soft soft spot for Seth Godin and his schtick. He always reminds us to try to be better.  This is a great video Seth did for Yahoo as part of their ‘creative thinkers’ series. In it Seth provides a reality check on the expectations of social if you’re

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socially irresponsible!

Robin Hamilton (our very own reference geek) is both annoyed and optimistic and he wants you to know why. Three years ago I saw Jeremiah Owyang and Ben McConnell speak about new tools becoming available and how the new fangled ‘social media’ and ‘citizen marketers’ were going to change customer advocacy. Forever. They each spoke

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social media ‘pimp’ sells friends, fans & followers

It’s human nature for a percentage of the community to want to rig the game; we’ve ranted before about pay-for-post middlemen before now there’s a new social media pimp on the block – USocial. These guys allow you to buy up to 100,000 ‘followers’ on Twitter and up to 10,000 ‘friends’ and ‘fans’

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customers are talking about you online – how can you get involved?

There is no denying that the increase in online buying patterns and social media over the past few years has led to a huge opportunity for customers to air their opinions of a company’s products or services. But what are these organisations doing to monitor this buzz and how can they

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sex and social media

Social etiquette dictates three things one does not mention at a dinner party; religion, sex and politics (actually these are all great conversation starters). We need to add a fourth; Social Media If you work in the consumer or SMB segments then the use of Social Media is pretty much a no-brainer.

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